Western Europe in the Past



Who was crowned emperor on Christmas?


·        Charlemagne

·        His name stands for “Charles the Great”

·        Ruled over France and large part of Western Europe

·        Was emperor of Romans, however ruled over other kingdoms


Who made the term, the “Middle Ages?”


·        Made by a historian

·        Lived long after Charlemagne

·        Needed a title for his book about the period of European history between Ancient and modern times

·        The book was called, “The History of the Middle Ages”


Who were the rulers during the Middle Ages?


·        Western Europe (again) broke into smaller states (with separate governments)

·        Some ruled by kings

·        Some ruled by local leaders

·        Many rulers

·        One important ruler was William, Duke of Normandy


How did William become a ruler?


·        William was son of Duke of Normandy

·        When seven, his father died

·        William was almost killed, but escaped with uncle

·        At 19, led royal followers and stopped rebellion

·        Cousin, King Edward of England promised throne to him

·        English leaders did not accept, and crowned noble named Harold

·        William had war against them


When did William take control of England?


·        Sept. 1066, William sailed to England

·        Oct. 14, 1066, defeated and killed King Harold

·        English crowned him king

·        Was still Duke of Normandy


What was the service in return for land?


·        Rewarded followers with lands from Harold’s followers

·        Armed men had horse and fighting men were known as knights

·        Land was given to followers by William called fief

·        People received fiefs were vassals

·        When vassal gave land to other, he became lord


What was feudalism?


·        Feudalism: system of giving fiefs in return for the service of knights

·        Divided power to govern among the number of lords

·        System was not successful

·        Many fights

·        Castles were built for protection