Define the terms below.


Renaissance shield money observation tax Reformation
rent Protestants Da Vinci Gutenberg Jesuit
Calvin Luther landlord Catholics technology


Answer the questions below using your notes or the notes provided below.


1.) Why did the people suddenly become more interested in the Old Ideas?


2.) Why was this time period called the Renaissance?


3.) Why was the rebirth so important to history?


4.) Why were so many people able to satisfy their desire to learn?


5.) How did the availability of books change the education of people?


6.) What interested Da Vinci?  What were four occupations that he worked at?


7.) In what ways were Da Vinci ahead of his time?


8.) What reforms that Martin Luther want?


9.) What are some services that the governments back then provided?


10.) What are some services that our government today provides us with?


11.) What problems and what advantages did paying rent to the lords result in for

         the   peasants?


12.) What invention made it possible to create more books to spread knowledge?


13.) Did the serfs on the manor gain or lose when they became peasants and

       when rents took place instead of service?

14.)  How does rent serve a purpose in today's world?


15.) Da Vinci was so far ahead of his time, who is someone that you think is

       ahead of our time today?  Why?