Ancient Greece Web Quest

Follow these directions carefully to learn about Ancient Greece:

1. What does 'polytheistic' mean? Find out by going to Greek Religion

2. Where on earth is Greece? Go to Ancient Greece and find out!

3. Greece was made up of city-states ~ What does 'democracy' mean? Click on Ancient Greek Government and write down the definition.

4. Did you know that the Ancient Greeks created the Olympics? Go to Greek Sports and answer the following questions:

a) How often were the Olympics held?
b) What happened if you were caught cheating?
c) What were some of the sports they played?
c) What happened if you won?

5. Visit Ancient Greek Daily Life and

a) What did Ancient Greek men wear?
b) What did Greek women wear on special occasions?
c) What were some things that young Greek girls did?
d) What were some things that young Greek boys did?

6. What did houses look like in Ancient Greece? Go to Ancient Greek Houses and write down:

a) What were all Greek houses built of?
b) How were pebbles used in rich peoples' houses?
c) Click on the link 'Rich Man's House' to see what a rich man's house looked like.

Congratulations! You've now completed your first exploration of Ancient Greece~ Good job! Make sure your answers are written neatly and spelled correctly.