Text Box: Use this website as a template for your primary document and scaffolding questions.  Follow the directions and copy the template.  You can then paste it onto any program like Word or WordPerfect, etc.  This will allow you to use the China website and your program at the same time.  You then print it out.




Name ___________________                                                Date _________________


This is the place where you have to explain what the primary document is.  You should include a description and brief history about the document.











(Directions to include)Using the documents, answer the questions by not only echoing the question, but using examples from the document to complete the answer 

1.     This is where you place the first scaffolding question.  This question is usually the easiest and can be answered by using a simple part of the document.


2.     This question is a little more difficult and usually requires the person taking the test to use the document and elaborate on the answer. The answer required is usually a few sentences which require specific examples from the document.


3.     This question is the most difficult out of all of the questions. This question requires the test taker to not only use the document, but also use another test taking strategy.  Strategies included are inference, prediction, and especially in depth answers.  This question should allow the test taker to really use their knowledge and give a complete answer no less than three complete sentences with specific examples.