Use the links to answer the questions.  Type the answers by echoing the question.  Print out the paper to hand in to class.

    1.      The name of the largest pyramid in the world is :

    2.      How many Ming Dynasty tombs have been found? 


    3.      The road that connects the tombs is called ?


    4.      In Chinese Astrology what are the 12 earthly branches?


    5.      How many stars had the Chinese catalogued by the 5th century?


6.      How often is the “ Year of the Dragon” ?

7.      The last “ Year of the Dragon” was ________________ and the next “Year of the Dragon” will be in ___________.  

8.      Which dragon keeps guard over wealth?

    9.      If you are following Feng Shui what color suit should you wear to a job interview?

10.    What is “yin” and “yang”? 

11.    What disasters caused the Chinese to develop mathematics?

12.    What was the original purpose of the Great China Wall?

13. How many miles is the Great China Wall ?

14.    Why did the Chinese invent the compass?

15.    What was the first invention used for counting?

16.    What important invention occurred in 868 A.D. ?

17.    When gunpowder was invented in the T’ang Dynasty what were the Chinese actually attempting to make?

    18. During the Shang & Chou  Dynasties how did relatives honor their ancestors?


    19. What eating implements were invented during this time?


    20.During the Han Dynasty what institutions were set up for boys? When?


    21. What was life like for rich children during the Han Dynasty?

(Where did they go to school? What did they study in school? What did they wear when it was cold?)


    22. How did men and women wear their hair during the T’ang Dynasty?


    23. What was entertainment like during the T’ang Dynasty?


    24. During the T’ang Dynasty what were the “three doctrines”?


    25. When and during which Dynasty was Confucius born?