DBQ Map of Mesopotamia DBQ Egypt and Mesopotamia GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS



1. Create a timeline of different events on Ancient Mesopotamia.  You must include   pictures and a brief description of events.

Mesopotamia Timeline

2.  A power point presentation explaining three (3) of the five attributes of a culture

Use any links that you feel are helpful!!

3.  A poster of the Fertile Crescent that is drawn freehand and with colors.  You can get poster board from my classroom

4.  Complete one of the web quests below.

Mesopotamia Web Quest  Mesopotamian Artifacts Web Quest Mesopotamia Web Quest      
The Collapse of Mesopotamia


Exploring Mesopotamia Web Quest



5.  Make a T Chart comparing how people lived during those ancient times to how we live today. 

6.  Create a set of laws that you would se fit if you were Hammurabi and our class was your kingdom.  You must come up with twenty laws and consequences.

Hammurabi's Code

7.  Using Publisher or  another program, create a newspaper about two pages in length with all the sections from our time, but replace it with news from ancient Mesopotamia.  This is challenging and may require two people!

8.  Using the website of another teacher as a resource, you make create your own city-state.  This is also challenging and would require two people.  Create Your Own City -State

9.  The roles of Women during this time period is often overlooked, but you may complete this assignment using the link below!!

Women in Mesopotamia

10.  Using this website, answer all of the questions and explore.  Your goal: If these cities were so perfect why did they all collapse?  GO through the website and develop your own answer!

The Collapse of Mesopotamia

11.  Writing was so important to civilizations.  Your job will be to construct a poem about Mesopotamia.  You must include examples from the past.  This assignment will require a few drafts and perhaps some artwork. 

12.  Create an actual ziggurat using sugar cubes or another building material.            I would prefer no Lego's!!  The building should be very detailed and should include a map of a ziggurat.  This is a project for someone who wants to show off their building abilities to the class.


13.  After researching Gilgamesh, your job is to create a comic strip for the early superhero!!


14. Sumer was a successful civilization which had an influence on society everywhere.  Many inventions and many firsts occurred in this time period.  Construct a PowerPoint explaining why we should be grateful for Sumer and its inventions.

Who needs a PLUMBER?

Here are some links for resources as well as some games to try out.  Remember you can play the games after the assignments are finished!!

Ancient Mesopotamia Mesopotamia from the British Museum Resources for Sumer
Writing in Cuneiform Counting in Babylonian Ancient Mesopotamia Hot List
Writing Cuneiform #2 GODS and GODDESSES of SUMER  


Good Luck!!